Thank you so very much…you really have been a hero in our lives…your patient, kind and wise guidance helped both of us beyond words.

Terry, mother of 4 year old

We wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful parent/teacher conference on Friday. It was particularly gratifying to hear how much progress David has made this year, and you should know that his teacher mentioned you several times – that your suggestions and advice have been really helpful in working with David. We are very grateful!

Rachel, mother of 7 year old

Peter is such a joy, and really turning into a wonderful young man. He’s continued to thrive and has a lovely group of friends, and is tight with a few, that I think will be life long friends for sure. He ran for class president, but alas, lost by 3 votes! He carries himself with confidence, and I don’t think is very shy to share his trepidations. This is starting to sound like I’m bragging, but I really just wanted to let you know how great he is doing, and really how grateful we are for the time he got to spend with you. And I assume he holds you in his back pocket when/if rough patches come his way.

Betsy, mother of 15 year old
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