Our Approach

Thank you for exploring our approach to Reflective Parenting therapy practice. Reflective Parenting was born to help you understand how to best parent your child or children. As a parent, it’s expected that you’ll sometimes feel puzzled or challenged. However, when these feelings become consistent and increasingly dominant, it may be time to seek help.

Our approach is to start from a place of empathy and compassion and partner with you to develop a working hypothesis from which to begin to wonder and reflect. Together, we will create pathways towards new understandings and solutions. We’ll establish tools and create alternatives so that parenting starts to feel more effective, natural and fulfilling.

We share a common perspective that all development hinges on successful social and emotional relationships.Both you and your child want to feel successful. A child who is socially and emotionally connected will be internally driven to push through great challenges in order to achieve that success. We help you get there.

Some therapists try to resolve individual behaviors without thoroughly considering where the child is developmentally or the child’s interactions with the people in their world and environments. We are different. We recognize that there are many ways to bring about positive changes for individuals and families. A shift in perspective, development or interaction with the environment will influence multiple areas of functioning and relationships. We consider the whole individual, the family and each family’s values.

We help you get there. Together, we’ll explore and reflect. Together, we’ll develop a plan that will effectively resolve immediate concerns. We will provide you and your child with lasting tools, a baseline to which to return when things get challenging and the confidence to handle the inevitable hurdles that you will face.

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