Children and Adolescents

At Reflective Parenting, we provide developmentally based child psychotherapy to children who are struggling with social/peer development, poor academic and learning performance, attentional challenges, oppositional behavior, depression and anxiety. Today, there is a great deal of stress and pressure on children to be “well-balanced” and flexible and to fit in and perform well both in school and out. The pace of the academic week is quick, with rapid transitions and the need to integrate a lot of information and negotiate a lot of transitions in a given day. When you have a child who requires a slower pace, or who is having difficulty coping or meeting expectations, it can lead to decreased self-esteem and motivation and sometimes even depressed mood, self-injury and acting out.

Through play, talk and the creative arts, we provide children with many opportunities to develop self-esteem, work on executive functioning, encourage language development, processing, and flexibility and work on social skills and attention/regulation. Through child-centered means, we help children become more comfortable with who they are while simultaneously providing them with alternative behavioral responses to the many daily stressors they face.

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