Parent Guidance

Each of us has ideas, sometimes developed over years, of the kind of parent we want to be and the kind of children we want to raise. Sometimes, in times of difficulty and confusion, it is easy to begin to doubt our ability to follow through on those ideals. Even more  frustrating and frightening is when we feel that we have lost the sense that we “know” who our child is and what they need.  This is especially true when their behavior is so far from our expectations. Reflective Parenting will return that sense of “knowing” to you. After meeting with you and/or your child, we will lay out, in clear and practical terms, where your child currently falls within the wide range of development. From that deep understanding of who your child or adolescent is, we will develop a plan that focuses on meeting both your needs as a parent and your child or adolescent’s needs. All behavior communicates something about what we feel and think. We will provide you with a rich understanding of what your child or adolescent is communicating with his or her behavior. You will see why your child or adolescent behaves differently in different settings. Your child will make sense to you again. Your parenting instincts will feel “right” again, and together with your new tools and strategies, you will again feel like the parent you had always hoped to be. Perhaps even more importantly, you will learn not to blame yourself or your child or adolescent, but rather feel affectionate, loving and effective again.

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