Parent Guidance: Sometimes it is useful to have a trial run of parent guidance sessions where we will work with you without directly treating your child or adolescent. In this way, we can see if changing the parenting approach alone can positively impact your child or adolescent’s behavior.

School Observations: Whether or not your child’s difficulties are school related, a school observation can give vital information about how your child is functioning in his or her social and emotional world.

Child Psychotherapy: Through a variety of methods including talk, therapeutic activities and play, we will help your child to develop effective tools and strategies as well as  the emotional resilience to use them when it counts.

Mindfulness Techniques: We will help your older child or adolescent with this cutting edge treatment adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s highly acclaimed program Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. We will utilize our many years of experience implementing these techniques with children and adolescents.

Adolescent Psychotherapy: Teenagers need to feel a sense of trust and safety when participating in psychotherapy.  Our first priority is making your teenager feel comfortable and understood. Working with teenagers requires a deep connection, thorough understanding and an honest appreciation of their world.  

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